How do you like your eggs?
Decorated please!

Welcome to my web page and thank you for visiting.

The ability to create art out of a mere egg is quite
"egg-straordinary"!   For all the folks who ask me "why" I carve egg shells to make gifts and ornaments, I respond "why not?"  I love transforming something quite ordinary into something quite extraordinary.  Why not an egg?

My vision

I love working with my hands.  Always have.  Even as a young girl, I remember drawing and coloring, baking in my Easy Bake oven, or doing DIY crafts.  This childhood passion eventually led to a professional career baking wedding cakes (no stress there...ha).  So being meticulous kind of runs in my blood, which is why I love carving fragile egg shells.  For you to see my level of expertise working with fine detail, I am linking you to my wedding cake site (Stir Crazy Cakes, LLC) by clicking HERE.  You will quickly see that I am a dedicated artist with an eye for detail and a flare for impression!

Egg on My Face

Have you heard of this phrase before?  If not, it means looking foolish or being embarrassed by your action.  Some of my gift giving experiences?  Yep.  You guessed it.  Definitely egg on my face.  My gift went over like a lead balloon and I wished I could have gone back in time and asked myself, "What was I thinking?"  So "yes", I am suggesting that you buy one of my eggs so as not to have the proverbial "egg on your face".  Ha! 

Who would enjoy a rare and one-of-a-kind carved egg shell?  Anyone - over the age of toddler-hood of course!  They are fragile to little hands...and pets.  But for all others, these items are unique and thoughtful, beautiful and rare.  No matter who you are buying for, an egg shell ornament or gift can relay the message "I care about you", "Thank you", "Congratulations" or "I love you".   Or place a special order for a momentous occasion - graduation, new baby, housewarming, birthday, or Christmas. Each of my items is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, so there are no 2 exactly alike. 

Besides the wonder of creating handcrafted carved egg shells, I also hope to be an inspiration to those of you contemplating a new venture.  It's hard to forge ahead with confidence without a source of support.  In some small way, I hope to encourage EVERYONE to follow their dreams - no matter how unreachable or unrealistic it may seem.  Use my BLOG  (CLICK HERE) for inspiration! I want you to create your world, your way, in your time.  Don't allow others' limitations determine your path in life.  Believe in yourself and your vision.  Be couragious!  Be "you".  Find your passion, commit to it, and make it happen!  Hence, my tagline - "Believe in yourself!"

Thank you again for viewing my work.  I am honored to be a part of your day.  I hope you find an item on my FOR SALE NOW page by clicking HERE.  Otherwise, I can help you customize somemthing extra special for a loved one, a friend, or even yourself!

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An egg is not just an egg.  "Art is about bending things most people see as a straight line."

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