Scheduling Order

In order to place your order and get on my schedule, we must first talk about the specifics of your order so that I can provide you with a quote.  If you are in agreement and choose to move forward, I require payment in full up front.  This is due to the fact that each piece is custom designed specifically and cannot be sold to anyone else.  Once your payment has been received, you are issued a formal receipt via email.  You are also given a "start date".  What this means is that you are given the date that I am putting you on my schedule.  Although I prefer all details of your order in one email, you are allowed to make any changes up until this date you are given.  After this date, no more changes or alterations will be accepted. 

You will be notified once your order has been completed and given the details of shipping your topper.  All shipping charges are included in the price.


To pay for your order, just click the link below.  
1.  Contacted me via email or phone ( to discuss purchase (timelline, specifics of order, etc).
2.  I have provided (and you have accepted) my quote - which will be in writing and you must acknowledge via written correspondence.
3.  Start date is given to you for your order.  The start date is when I place your item in my queue and will begin work.  No alterations or changes after this date.

If we have established an agreement to move forward and you know the price of your order, you may remit payment below.

Link for payments will be available for purchases no later than Tuesday 4/16/19.
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