A:  Do you do HDR photography?

A:  Yes, all images are in High Dynamic Range, resulting in clear and sharp images.

Q:  How can I schedule an appointment for a shoot?
A:  You may call or text Christi @ 502.645.6588.

Q:  How much notice do you need to schedule my appointment?
A:  Based on my schedule, this can vary. But I can usually you on my schedule within 2 days of your request.

Q: Do you require a deposit before scheduling?
A:   Deposits are not required.

Q:  Do you charge sales tax?
A:  Yes. 6%.

Q:  How long will the real estate shoot take?
A: The amount of time it takes to do real estate photography varies due to the property's size. Generally prepare for about an hour. Nevertheless, expect longer hours for larger homes or properties. Meanwhile, we can discuss the time required for your photoshoot at the time you book it.

Q:  Can the sellers be there during the photo shoot?
A:  Absolutely. It's your seller's home, so if they are free to hang out while I am taking the pictures, it's fine. However, I can produce better photos during the limited time Iam on the property when distractions are minimal. Whether you or the seller are on-site, it would be great if you ensure all staging and cleaning is done before the appointment. Also, I ask that all children and pets be kept away from equipment during the appointment.

Q;  When will I receive my images?
A:  For real estate orders, next day delivery.  For larger orders such as product photography or event/tradeshow/convention coverage, an expected date will be discussed.

Q:  How will I be notified that my images are ready?
A:  You will receive an email with a sample of your order (a few watermarked photos).

Q:  How will I receive my images?
A:  Your photos will be sent to your email and delivered digitally via a WeTransfer link. Images will be optimized for MLS websites and basic print solutions.

Q:  What equipment do you use?
A:  Nikon Coolpix P1000 and DJI Mini 2

Q;  Do you upload images to MLS for me?
A:  I do not have a real estate license and cannot do this.

Q:   What are your policy regarding cancellations and rescheduled appointments?
A:  We don't charge for cancellations and reschedules as long as they are done 24 hours ahead of the scheduled shoot date/time. Under a 24-hour window, a cancellation/reschedule is $75. If we show up to a property and can't get in or the agent or seller cancels the shoot, we will charge $75 + 50% of the quoted amount.  Clients not adhering to this policy will not be allowed to schedule future work.

Q:  What is your protocol for cancelling/rescheduling appointments?
A:  If you need to make changes to your appointment, please call or text Christi @ 502-645-6588 or email christi.murphy@ymail.com as soon as possible.

Q:  I want to take my own photographs with my smartphone.  Can I just send images to you to fix?
A:  Absolutely!  I use Photoshop and Lightroom to straighten images, fix color, tone, brightness, sharpness, etc.  And if your images do not have a blue sky, I can fix that too!

Q:  Terms and Agreements for photography
A:  If full payment has been made, you have the right to use the products, and it means you agree that the right to use the products has been given ONLY to you. You agree that you cannot transfer, assign or sublicense your rights to use the photographs included therein to anyone without the copyright holder's written permission.

Your rights allow you to use our photographs for marketing purposes. However, your Rights do not authorize third parties to display, copy, or distribute our work to provide services competitive with our products unless our written permission allows you. For real estate, these rights are valid without limits, as long as you have the listing. If you no longer have the listing, the rights to use the products are also gone.  If someone asks you about your rights to the products, you would need to refer them to me. If others use my products, an additional licensing fee may be necessary.

Q:  Why should I hire you if I can shoot the images with my smartphone?
A:  Hiring a professional photographer is the best option to have the highest quality images of the home to sell your posting to potential buyers and market yourself to sellers. I have all the professional gear to produce a high standard of work and have also purchased the appropriate computer programs (such as Photoshop and Lightroom) to create the best outcome.

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